Garrett Mason for Governor

Meet Garrett

Garrett Mason is a seventh generation Mainer who calls Lisbon and Androscoggin County home.  He currently serves as Senate Majority Leader, while also working in his family’s excavation business and leading on conservative causes.

Garrett grew up in a faith-filled Maine home where he learned the values of hard work, self-reliance, and humility.  His dad worked as an oil delivery driver, later starting a small business.   His mom worked at home, raising a family that pinched pennies sewing much of the childrens’ clothes.  These are the values that have made him a lifelong conservative Republican.

Early on, Garrett operated heavy machinery and today, manages the family business’ books with his Dad calling him “tighter than bark to a tree.”

After college, Garrett took a job managing the Lewiston Maineiacs hockey team.  Helping manage a complex business opened his eyes to the challenges faced by job creators in Maine.  Determined to stop an overbearing government, Garrett ran for Senate to bring energy and change to Augusta.

The establishment and political insiders told Garrett he would never win his first race, but his message of challenging and changing the status quo in Augusta propelled him to victory.

Garrett is the first person in nearly half a century to serve back-to-back terms as Senate Majority Leader.  Also holding the position of President Pro-Tempore, Garrett is the youngest person in Maine history to preside over a Senate session.

While in Augusta, Garrett has been a tireless advocate for Maine taxpayers.  He knows that Maine needs less onerous regulation and more innovation to meet the challenges of the 21st Century economy.  As such, he was the only member of the legislative leadership, Republican or Democrat, to vote against the biennel budget that increased taxes and spending to record levels.  He also led on welfare and education reforms substantively changing lives for the better.

Garrett is a Mainer through and through, and loves the outdoors, including hiking, skiing, and camping.

Garrett Mason is the Maine First candidate for governor.

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